dialect tempodacqua biennale di pisa III edizione

director – alfonso femia

man has always transformed his territory, trying to better make use of its resources. these transformations determine the image of land to such a point in which they are not considered as built landscape but as cultural landscape. some construction techniques are considered as local heritage and seen as necessary, deeply rooted interventions which seem to be natural works. our goal is to investigate on construction techniques focusing on solutions to deal with one of the main resources of the south tyrolean territory: water, both in liquid and solid state. elements such as snow barriers, gutters, water mills and acqueducts are regional solutions widely spread in the alpine environment. they have been present in our work for years, since we are convinced that morphology, resources and tradition contribute to build architecture in balance with the place. starting from the reinterpretation of traditional techniques related to the use of water we envi-sioned megastructures between the mountains of south tyrol, looking for new ways of living with water at the center.

tempodacqua biennale di pisa III edizione