bressanone between utopia and romaticism renaissance biennale di pisa IV edizione

director – massimo del seppia

the project reflects on the environment and the way of living it looking for a new balance in the territory. the idea is to preserve the south tyrolean mountain landscape, leaving it intact, reflecting a romantic scenario that interweaves languages related to the picturesque and the sublime. at the same time, the project seeks a possible coexistence between man and nature, suggesting self-sufficient megastructures capable of maintaining an internal ecology and an extremely high population density. our proposal envisages a new urban system along the river for the city of brixen, the main artery between the inhabited structures, which acts as a bridge between the banks of the eisack and the mountain landscape, now collective space.  14 structures of varying sizes and accommodating 7000 inhabitants replace 150 hectares of built-up land, the equivalent of the stufels area.

renaissance biennale di pisa IV edizione