transition rappersbühl

the new building integrates itself into the existing building, into the plastered masonry, takes it in and complements it with a wooden construction, a thatched roof and thus becomes a unit. the sloping green folding roof, which opens towards the courtyard situation, integrates itself into the ensemble as a natural flower meadow. the project is intended to be a place of well-being and to reflect the feeling that characterises the day outdoors: cultivated simplicity and closeness to nature, light, warmth, timelessness and a feeling for special features. the landscape, the natural terrain, grows over it and forms a natural unit. an integration, a working with nature and materiality. the materiality of the new ensemble comes from the site itself: on the one hand, the wood from the surrounding forests, the stones for the masonry from the site, the dark-coloured concrete with its formwork brushed from wooden boards and also the plaster inside, clay, is found in the earth in the excavation. the excavated material is pulled back over the buildings, integrated in the layers of height, and greened. a work with the site.

“not in a place shall you build, but the place shall you build.”