parallel structures farmstead p

working amidst the often challenging and hostile natural environment in south tyrol means that every object added to the landscape must have the poetic, steadfast force to become a cornerstone within it. that is the attitude that underpins the winemaker andreas huber’s home, nestling calmly between the terraces of the surrounding vineyard as an almost natural extension of a dry-stone wall already on the site; a component that converses with the context, heightens its nuances and underscores the panorama. this architectural gesture, almost recalling an artistic installation, is a dynamic yet sober volume that enters into a dialogue with nature through both contrast and concord. growing harmoniously out of the terrain, the house is defined by two parallel walls: the dry-stone wall on one side, with no apertures, indicating production- related activity, and a new wall in dark cement, with large windows overlooking the landscape, highlighting the residential area. these two clear, precise indicators are also echoed in the ordered, rigorous distribution of the spaces inside the building. the changing seasons shift perception of the new build, which is more hidden, with softer lines, in the warmer months, growing more noticeable and easier to read in relation to the terracing during the rest of the year. in farmstead p’s design, the residential section perfectly represents the character of its owner and his work as a wine producer: discreet and reserved, becoming clearer with a trained eye that takes a closer look, just like the wine he produces.

farmstead p