constructive interstice lippenmös

the project works with the landscape, interstices and layers of height. it is an interplay of heights and distances between the buildings. the six volumes are arranged to follow the natural slope of the terrain. multiple levels reflect the natural terraces typical of the valley’s landscape, where the buildings are. the paths connect the bodies and allow access to the sloping terrain.

bush-hammered concrete, stone, glass and wood are used for the structure and for the façades to connect the buildings with the natural landscape. the façades are clad with long larch wood shingles, representing the characteristic essence of the valley.

the position of the six bodies allows unique views into the landscape. the loggias and the windows frame the view into nature.

the design of the outdoor area wants to reinforce the relationship to the natural landscape. local stone has been selected for the outdoor paths and stairs. terraces and outdoor seating along the paths invite us to linger.

architecture brings people closer to nature and connects them with the place.