la brutta cittá exhibition stadtgalerie brixen

siggi hofer

bressanone, a city that rethinks!

the challenge of conceptually penetrating brixen as a city led to the exciting constellation of the university territorial seat of the politecnico di milano in mantua with the rosenheim university of technology. the aim was to link the resulting ideas and document them in a joint exhibition. bressanone, a city rethinks! sometimes the future is very far away, sometimes it lies in the past, sometimes it seems very near and sometimes almost outdated. the aim is to generate impulses through multi-layered interventions together with students in order to combine tradition and vision, to restage the atmosphere and spatial performativity of the city and sociologically refresh the city-human relationship. detached from traditional patterns, the aim is to think freely and provoke unconventional positions. the inner and outer perception of the city is to be transformed into a new future with the tool of architecture, which has an identity-creating effect in many areas of life. sometimes the projects are quiet, almost unnoticed, and sometimes the interventions are more radical, but always with a high sensitivity to the visionary, socio-cultural interactions of the next generations. through social urban research, the projects develop out of problems that have been uncovered and offer contextual solutions for the city of brixen. 148 students from both universities, together with their professors, provide new impulses for the city of brixen. the results are presented to visitors in an exhibition of models, drawings and graphics in the kurhaus guggenberg.

curated by gerd bergmeister and josef rainer

in cooperation with the stadtgalerie brixen, südtiroler künstlerbund

exhibition stadtgalerie brixen