interstices farmstead b

the ensemble pays tribute to the improvement of thought, to the lightness of architectural symbols, to the pleasure of pure materials, and to a capacity, which can still be nurtured even today, to allow time to pass as part of the creative process of making architecture, thanks to a sensitive, unhurried client. located on a steep slope in a small village near vipiteno, the residential ensemble is made up of three simple volumes: the house, the garage and the sauna. together with the small chapel already on the site, they highlight a place where traces of memories from the distant past remain visible. the house backs onto the historical stone walls of the formerly derelict farmstead, restored as the first step in the project; with views across the valley through large windows, this simple volume is clad with wooden shingles that were specially weathered for over a year to ensure the ambient tones and colours are reflected perfectly. one element that stands out is a square steel box set into the restored wall above the entrance stairway, between the house and the older wall. it contains an old-school dining nook, a typical south tyrolean stube. the three new buildings adapt gently to the topography, as the mass of the garage and sauna in particular enter into a dialogue based on contrast; the former extends outwards from the slope, while the latter is wedged into the hillside, facing across the valley. the font installations by the artist lois weinberger enhance the project.

farmstead b