in the center hotel pupp

with christian schwienbacher
art project: esther stocker

the hotel is located at an intersection of the city, an intersection of interior and exterior, tradition and modernism. the features and characteristics of the city were incorporated into the design. the idea was to segment a compact structure floor by floor in order to let enough light in. courtyards of light become an element that is played with. the floors were shifted horizontally, so as to achieve an open and yet compact structure. space is split up into drawers; mirroring the old town’s vertical sectors, here horizontally. the façade is unbroken – solely two windows to the city offer a glimpse of the space on the interior, which is projected outwards, generating public space. the protrusions appear to be oriels, eversions of the façade. light comes in through the courtyards, halls, rooms, and open spaces; well-lit intimacy.

hotel pupp