grasped settari briol house

the settari house, built in 1913 in the middle of the forest, at an altitude of 1,300 metres, as an annex to the briol guesthouse, has been extensively restored and is now completely self-sufficient thanks to the new integrated heating system. two guest flats have been created on each floor, each one is accessible via a common room. a careful work with the existing, like an injection: a small extension is integrated into a kind of further construction. the location in the middle of the forest, in a clearing, is difficult to reach and is intended as a spiritual place. hence the idea of a pavilion, which extends the existing building and becomes its central element. the concrete, hand-worked as in the past, the landscape designed on it and embedded in the ground with a floating terrace in front of it, which protrudes into the landscape and connects to the existing one of the main building by some steps. these steps form the tribune for concerts, reading sessions and theatre. we have built a larch box (wood from the neighbouring forest) into the wall, in which the terrace, walls and ceilings become one. a concert grand piano is placed inside. on the outside, the concrete is used as a protective shell, covered by simple boards, while on the inside, the box of boards continues to serve as a climatic envelope. in front, folding larch elements continue the joint lines of the boards. a space for cultural gatherings all year round. during events, the terrace extends the inside space which becomes covered and open. the building becomes the centre of the cultural life in the middle of the forest.

settari briol house