connections adler historic guesthouse

the adler project in the urban fabric – in the historic centre of brixen, it runs parallel to the isarco river, with the aim of constructing connections: between old and new, between inside and outside, between the city and the river. the aim is to generate new axes in the historic heritage, to give new impulses that allow a vision from tradition, to combine the historic with the new, to create spaces of dialogue. fluid transitions in balance between yesterday and today. the historic adler boarding house, at the intersection of the river and the eagle bridge, frames the neighbourhood and gives it its own language. a reference to history, to the discovery of copper engravings dating back to 1670, which gives the façade its original character, a rhythm, contrasts. an experimentation, a form, a development on the model. a play on proportions, materiality, details and shadow effects. a break in the surface. on the roof, the building is completed by a line drawn upwards, which takes up the references of the surroundings with colour and materiality, integrates the terraces and creates lightness and special spatial situations through the movement of the line. inside, an opening, a reopening of the existing axes, of the existing open spaces and the creation of new paths and connections. impulses that allow a vision from tradition. in the inner courtyard. a densification, a new counterpoint to find a balance. the trapezoidal construction rests on a single column and projects itself, tapering upwards. here too, the focus is on connections and the value of the spaces in between. the architecture shapes the space through carvings and incisions in the volume. a wooden structure that works with openings and materials. beaver tails form a skin that continues the actual roof of the façade and combines aesthetics and function. as a connection between the walls, nature and sacred buildings.

adler historic guesthouse