focal point adler historic guesthouse

the existing building has been carefully restored and extended by purposefully placed implants. the building’s roof is complemented by a line shaped into the height, which takes up references, integrates terraces and generates lightness and special situations through a movement, through bends in the roof shape. the corner façade, parallel to the river and the adlerbrückengasse, frames the quarter and gives it its language. this is complemented by five new bay windows in a continuity to the two already existing ones. a reference to history, are the found copper engravings from the year 1670, which give the façade a rhythm, contrasts, a play with proportion, materiality and shadow effects. a breaking out of the surface and at the same time an integration with history and timeless architecture. in the interior, an opening up, a reopening of existing axes, existing open spaces and a creation of new pathways and connections.

in the inner courtyard, a new building is inserted. a trapezoidal construction resting on a pillar and leading it upwards, tapering by three storeys. positioning in the space between, working with distances to the existing, with notches and incisions in the volume.

the project is about flowing transitions between history and the present, a meanwhile of the existing, with the claim to set new impulses through targeted measures and the approach to change places with architecture. to set balances that influence the environment.

adler historic guesthouse