zwischenraum exhibition stadtgalerie brixen

peter sandbichler & marlies baumgartner
michael fliri & christian piffrader

manuela kerer

in this first exhibition, commonalities between art and architecture are thematized and elaborated. this also reflects the artistic thinking of the two curators (architect and artist). the exhibited works all move in a border area of art and space. and deal with the theme of space and its changeability and experienceability.

peter sandbichler and marlies baumgartner change the gallery spaces, play with negative and positive space, with interspace and surrounding space. the different working methods of these two artists intertwine, complement and enliven each other and thus open up new perspectives.

in a first-time collaboration with the pharmacy museum, the magnificent rooms of the museum will be filled with new works by the two artists michael fliri and christian piffrader. almost like in an alchemical laboratory, their exhibited objects fit into the museum ambience. interspaces and connections between the artistic positions and the objects of the collection are created and refer to each other.

a new melody composed by manuela kerer unites these two exhibition sites. a composition which will spread in brixen.

curated by gerd bergmeister and josef rainer

in collaboration with stadtgalerie brixen, südtiroler künstlerbund,
pharmacy museum and hofburg brixen

exhibition stadtgalerie brixen