integrated house ex b

with walter angonese

the building needs to be renovated and extended to meet current needs and functional requirements. the existing exterior walls and gothic arches are restored to their original state of preservation respecting the historical memory of the place. the new roof on one side replaces the existing one but now it allows better views through the introduction of deliberately arranged openings. terraces and loggias are quietly inserted under the roof, without affecting the original volume. the extension approaches the existing building and at the same time differs from the old one using a material composed of plaster and concrete. the new walls overlap the existing structure and penetrate it. the renovated old building with its rough plastered facade and the new building establish a dialectic relationship through the use of different colors and materials. however, the two parts are clearly separated from each other by a line of shadow, marking their temporal detachment. the roof covering is made of tiles whose colour establishes a harmonious relationship with the context.

house ex b