emerging out pacherhof new cellar

the pacherhof project began with a painstaking restoration of the old wine cellar in the farmhouse basement. careful re-reading of the historical traces informed the intervention, which emphasises and enhances the existing spaces using a few functional elements and simple materials like wood and steel. the later extension, used for wine production, is announced by a pyramid-shaped tower clad in burnished bronze panels that develop patina as time passes, recalling the changing hues of natural stone and the surrounding mountains. it accommodates an office/laboratory and a tasting room on the first floor, while the grape delivery point is on the lower floor, demarcated by a few openings set flush to maintain the smooth surface of the façades. the new underground wine cellar, which plays with the striking contrast of steel tanks and rough-grained white plaster, is connected via a narrow passage to the older cellar in which the oak barrels are still stored. this allows the two structures to enter into a harmonious dialogue while asserting their own identity, playing on the contrasts and affinities intrinsic to the materials and coming together as a grand ensemble devoted to production, consumption and sales of wine, all couched within the typical painstaking design idiom of local hospitality and traditions.

pacherhof new cellar