creased woodcarving workshop perathoner

carving and bending a flat piece of material transforms a two-dimensional component into a complex structure, configuring solids and voids to generate entirely new forms and spaces in which the surface takes on depth, movement and volume. in the design for the artist ulrich perathoner’s workshop, which picks up on the movements of the sculptor’s hands, the actions of carving and bending serve as a means to shape the new building, envisaged as a block of wood to be transformed into sculpture. selected in a competition, the project explicitly recalls the artistic craftsmanship of val gardena, where this building is located, tying into centuries of local tradition while endeavouring to stand out from the surrounding architecture. in this spirit, the geometry makes this volume appear multifaceted, an effect enhanced by the wooden shingles cladding the exterior, which are made of timber chosen specifically to change colour as it matures with the changing seasons, imbuing the project with a patina that testifies to the passage of time. the workshop’s load-bearing frame is the fruit of teamwork, produced in conjunction with local craftspeople and businesses that explored new technical solutions together. it is based on self-supporting triangular forms that incorporate the guttering for rainwater collection, a system visible from both inside and outside the building.

woodcarving workshop perathoner