sport and leisure centre bressanone millan

2022 competition – 3rd prize

in collaboration with dietrich untertrifaller, studiovaldemarin, spektrum bauphysik & bauökologie, merz kley partner, kieran fraser landscape design

the concept is based on a balanced symbiosis between the single building blocks with considerable room heights, the steep topography and the integration into the landscape context.

the single building elements and functions form a unity. they integrate and position themselves in the landscape. thereby special visual relationships are created, both in the interior spaces and in the pathways.

the L-shaped grouping of the new buildings around the existing grass pitch creates an ensemble of old an new. views and orientation towards the valley are maintained for all functions. a total of 4 terrace levels connect the single building parts and embrace the existing football pitch as a built natural tiered facility, which recall an amphitheatre. the surrounding landscape interact with the different levels of height. there is hardly a difference to the cultural space.

bressanone millan