on the columns multi-purpose building völlan


a topographic continuation of the surrounding terrain, an extension of the elevation lines and, at the same time, an integration with the existing landscape. three concrete slabs, supported by tubes of different diameters which sometimes continue from one floor to the other, taking different functions at each level. the minimalistic architectonic concept programmatically reacts to the contemporary architectonic discourse, offering the possibility to optimally unite the diverse functions and thereby guarantee a sustainable intervention in the landscape. positioning and orientation of the architecture is a coherent citation of the natural environment. the building opens up towards the street. a ramp system allows to quickly reach the upper level and frees space for generous open areas for parking and living. concrete, glass and colour characterize new architecture. a red column transforms the building in a recognizable reference point in the landscape. the structural system is solved with large-diameter cylindrical spaces, filled with functions which transform them in spatial structures open at the various levels. through a careful sizing and positioning of these elements, interspaces are created, making architecture lively and tangible. the purpose is to create complex spatial structures from clean and simple elements.

multi-purpose building völlan