art spotlight kunstwerfer

curator: karin pernegger

artist:  peter senoner

commissioned by: südtiroler künstlerbund

art conceived for public spaces has powerful transformative potential, activating processes that enhance places and how these are experienced and narrated, while also bringing art closer to the general public. moving beyond conventional exhibition spaces, art is injected into the urban context and becomes accessible to a wider and more diverse audience. that is the goal underpinning the “art spotlights”, small exhibition spaces in the form of mobile showcases in three locations in the old town of bressanone. in particular, they seek to respond to the environmental and social transformations of our time, offering an alternative to classic museum narratives and a wide range of options for engaging with the art. the mobile structure consists of a base and a section made of glass and untreated aluminium, within which the work of art is illuminated. the artwork becomes a spotlight, a radiant beam projected onto the people and urban context around it, a beacon that reinvigorates and sheds light on culture in the city centre.