cavity 5* premium falkensteiner family hotel – montafon


the design takes up existing building traditions and reinterprets them with new approaches. the result is a play with lightness instead of a single building volume. the hotel takes up the character of a village and translates it into its own scale. the idea is to transfer topography into architecture and to blur the boundaries between inside and outside. landscape is to be understood as architecture. following this logic, the notches in the terrain develop into depressions in the volume. the enclosed squares are the result. these open spaces appear hidden from afar and open downhill. carefullly chosen visual references and access paths create a seamless transition between these open air yet enclosed areas and the actual outdoor environment. the surrounding water areas were included in the design as theme of the square design. these create their own microclimates, where the interior can grow outwards and vice versa, protected from environmental influences. one main tower and five side towers stand out from the volume embedded in the landscape. the main tower is a distinguishing feature from afar. the wooden towers follow the topography of the place and continue the neighbouring village structure. through targeted positioning, new open spaces, new space situations and new lines of sight into the interior and towards the surroundings are created. A silent communication with the site is created. there is a play of heights, with the landscape, a growing out of it.

5* premium falkensteiner family hotel – montafon