guest in old walls das nöckler

art project : manfred alois mayr

a cellar of the old city walls from the 14th century becomes meeting point.
instead of conversion a “furnishing”. a large table and linear shelves are the dominating elements in the main room. large glass panels with “windows” that allow individual bottles to be set in scene and moved. warm wood, brown and bottle tones. on one wall an iron plate stretches along, rusted, from which windows are cut out. wall and bottles look like pictures in it. on the other side a handrail made of cork lids. the staircase was extended a little bit and a linear wooden staircase was put on it.
the original handrail was created by the artist manfred alois mayr. he plays with the contrast of hard and soft materials: simple cork lids become a sophisticated detail.

das nöckler