sign tourist infopoint


the “stone little men” are small pyramidal structures made of overlapping stones and serve as guides along the mountain paths. therefore, they are considered as signals, representing a reference point for the hiker, a symbol found also in the new tourist center. the existing building is extended and surrounded by a wall on top of which the new pyramid grows. the tourist center acquires a recognizable shape that can be seen from the distance, becoming a reference in the perception of passers-by. the rough concrete wall encloses the new tourist center. its surface changes appearance from one season to the other. summer irrigation will allow the growth of moss and local vegetation on its surface, whereas during the winter it will appear as frozen stone. the pyramid is clad in carbonized wooden shingles and has several openings which, on the one hand, bring light inside and, on the other hand, frame new and unexpected views of the alpine environment.

tourist infopoint