on the edge of the building weingarten

we are now accustomed to the beauty of the landscape dominated by the vineyards of neustift, which emphasises the natural or artificial development of the terrain. it is surprising when the builders, a group of pensioners, focus their attention on a small structure that is set in a special spatial context and forms a whole with the natural landscape. these pensioners have decided to devote themselves to wine growing out of pure passion, to experience the joy of the landscape and to reap the fruits and emotions. the closed volume of 3 x 4 metres covers only a third of the horizontal surface, which represents a kind of belvedere over the valley. the structure is located on the edge of a stone terracing typical of the wine region, which has always been used to pave the site. the structure occupies the edge of this same stone terracing, which defines the space of the cellar, while the wooden structure above it juts out and becomes a defining element. the small structure, built by the owners, retired craftsmen and now farmers for pleasure, features a system of 3 ribs supporting a shading pergola. balustrades of hail net follow the sinuous course of the retaining wall, contrasting the geometric shape of the terrace. the simple cube, clad with larch boards, serves on the one hand as a cooking room, on the other hand as a tasting room and a meeting place in the middle of the platform. the cube with its folding larch walls can be opened completely on each side, where glulam trusses protrude and form a small pergola. interior and exterior merge in the midst of nature. local materials from the surrounding area were used for the weinberghütte. the interaction with the existing natural stone walls and thus with the surroundings and the interaction with nature are in the foreground. as a reward for our performance, we receive boxes of wine every year, the quality of which increases year by year.