twisted odles – s house plose vacation apartments

with a saggio architecture

five vacation houses sharing the same basement (garage) are developed autonomously around a common courtyard in the upper levels. in this way, the roofs of each unit have different shapes that blend with the landscape, remodeling and completing it.
the challenge is to find new proportions and relations with the existing, becoming part of the context and contributing with the construction of the place.
the compound is placed on a hillside and develops following the existing topography, stopping where the perimeter walls find the existing contour lines of the hill: architecture goes along with landscape. the buildings face the street on one side and the courtyard on the other, shaping this element both as an external space as an intimate and protected place immersed in nature.
traditional materials such as wood and stone have been chosen: quarter logs for the facades and natural stone for the basement. a wooden brise-soleil casts ever changing shadows on the interior, acting on the perception of time and space through the seasons.
openings on vertical and horizontal planes of the building envelope frame unexpected views of the landscape and provide a dynamic light and shadow play on the five house volumes.

odles – s house plose vacation apartments