dialogue colterenzio winery

art project: philipp messner, manfred alois mayr

the historical colterenzio winery has undergone various phases of development aimed at giving the winery an entirely new look: rather than demolishing any structures, the focus is instead on establishing a dialogue with the buildings already on the site, weaving connections between old and new. in the first phase, wood and metal were selected as the project’s hallmarks. these two materials rub shoulders, enveloping the existing architecture while creating new interstitial spaces. the main building, which contains the stainless steel tanks, bottling plant, warehouse and offices, has been given a new wrap-around oak façade that is set 50 cm in front of the building’s outer walls and is made up of timber sections and interstices of varying dimensions. the volumes are divided into three parts, alternating solid and hollow sections in an interplay between sculptural forms and materials. the rounded reflective surfaces by the artist philipp messner disrupt the façade’s orderly configuration and material texture. on the other side, a long, black-painted metal structure constitutes a new backdrop; its extremity extends as a canopy roof over a large open space, used as a collection point for grapes as well as for socialising. in the second phase, a courtyard was created, framed by an open metal structure that holds a system of containers to grow plants in a vertical garden. the look and colour palette of this harmonious and dynamic space alters with the changing seasons. a third phase is also in the pipeline, with plans to add a tower to the main façade to serve as an emblem signposting this winery in the midst of cornaiano’s vineyards.

colterenzio winery