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a movement within a landscape, framed by nature, existing trees and existing structures. the shape itself creates the architecture and through its composition it generates intimate spaces, intimate living. it is a work with the natural space in between, with positioning inside a tree population and with scale. an integration in the existing height layers and at the same time a repositioning (elevation towards the car park) which then grows together. the form and the construction merge, a reduced building method out of few reusable materials. the natural aging process becomes part of the architecture, formed out of constructive wooden parts.

the recess in the facade is the support for the load-bearing support elements, which compensate for the height difference of the landscape and, together with the attic detail of integrated rain gutter and simultaneously canopy and conclusion, forms an architectural element. on the roof, the intensive greening, the integration. the shape with the private, intimate and at the same time open inner courtyard creates a “being for oneself” in the midst of landscape. the individual units are reached by means of wooden footbridges, a flow over of natural, wild landscape. here again, the punctual, colour-accentuated compensations of height layers.
the modular construction, the high degree of prefabrication and the punctual load transfer allow great flexibility and a building in several construction phases. the ensemble is positioned in such a way that multiple sections and further construction are possible. nevertheless, each section already has a complete quality, does not need continuity, but enriches it.
inside, material from the natural static wood elements, open floor plans, flooded with light and a combination of wood, textiles and colour. the inner courtyard as a connecting element between inside and outside, between private and public. the houses carefully placed in the landscape, an integration, a relationship to the existing and the interspace shaped by nature, creates these transitions, an interplay in the whole

b&o parkhotel