curved schloss weißenbrunn

competition 1st prize

for us, the project is a process of development, of taking new paths and at the same time working with the existing, with the place, the tradition and with details. the design develops around the existing – in and around the landscape and around the given building. the concept of integrating, creating reference points, defining alignments and the attempt to generate a unity between the existing and the new – in terms of landscape and urban development. positioning creates new open spaces, new plazas and new lines of sight into the interior and into the distance, into the surroundings. the concert hall itself responds with its architecture to the site.  with its movement, its volume, it reacts to the existing structure and at the same time stages itself. reacts to heights and contour levels, plays with positioning, opens up and contributes to the new ensemble structure. with the castle itself, an interaction, a symbiosis, a cross-fertilization is arised.


schloss weißenbrunn